I appreciated that CE-Solutions was a smaller team. They host many small events allowing us the opportunity to meet and get to know everyone. This made me feel like part of the CE-Solutions family versus a hired hand. They are personal, thoughtful and caring. This is the type of company I want to work for and will go back to.
CE-SOLUTIONS is a pleasure to work with. They are committed to aligning quality talent with client business needs and being respectful of everyone’s time. I was contacted only for opportunities that fit my skills and career goals. They had me on-site for an interview within days of hearing about the opportunity and placed soon after. After being placed, CE-SOLUTIONS kept in contact, visiting the job site, making sure I was happy and provided feedback from the employer. Every aspect of the CE-SOLUTIONS experience has been great. They walk the talk and are committed to customer service.
Lead Web Designer
CE-Solutions is dedicated to finding quality opportunities for their contractors. I know several other contractors who also feel that CE-Solutions has gone above and beyond in finding them positions. They are diligent and persistent in finding the right opportunity and do an exceptional job at matching the skill set to the placement.
CE-Solutions is professional, responsive and friendly. Greeting me was a nice touch and a service many larger companies don’t provide. It was greatly appreciated and made my first day less nerve-racking.
Our organization was going through a huge period of transition and we needed to quickly ramp up recruiting efforts. CE-SOLUTIONS provided us with a dedicated account recruiter who provided 24/7, personalized attention. The result? Talented, knowledgeable, high-quality candidates within our tight timeline and budget. I highly recommend CE-SOLUTIONS and look forward to working with them again.
Global Manufacturing Company
Employee satisfaction is very high and it is apparent they all feel cared for and treated like a valued family member. A true sense of pride comes across when speaking with the employees, there is a great level of respect for the company that Nicole and Marc have built. Social responsibility and community involvement are viewed as positive differentiators, and quality combined with selectiveness of talent are thought to be integral to the company’s success.  
CE-Solutions walks the talk and they are committed to customer service. They care about relationships and provide good advice and mentorship. They maintain good contact with their employees during the duration of the contract and are very attentive.  
While being a contractor for 5+ years, CE-SOLUTIONS has found me the best, most enjoyable position that I have held during this time. My placement experience was fast, friendly and professional. They understood my needs and credentials well enough to place me in a job where I am able to use my skills to their fullest and at the same time, enjoy the work.  
Software Developer